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"Ruth was the first professional to identify the connection between my considerable pelvic pain and my unacknowledged deep emotional response to a traumatic childhood sixty years previously!


I first met Ruth in 2000, having recently retired as a Community Midwife, and following years of unhelpful interventions from a variety of professionals, including physiotherapists, consultants and alternative therapists. She was at the beginning of developing her technique of direct manual pelvic floor release and, with my consent, experimented on me! She encouraged me to try Yoga and Counselling and gradually memories of my traumatic childhood were being acknowledged.


Following this for a number of years my personal life was extremely physically and emotionally draining, but my pelvic pain had disappeared!! And so did Ruth, to America, and I was unable to locate her, when the pain returned (despite contacting Physiotherapy websites) until I accidentally heard her voice on Women’s Hour!!


I have had eighteen months of treatment and currently only require occasional analgesia. Despite the relaxation of my pelvic muscles I still have the remnants of chronic pain and Ruth is enormously reassuring that this too will eventually go. After over twenty years it is taking it’s time!


Ruth’s acknowledgement that my past is still hindering my progress is vital and she encourages the “mind/body work” that I am undertaking with an experienced councillor. It never ceases to amaze me how meditating on the discomfort in my pelvic area brings up images of fear and anger from so long ago!  I am slowly learning to fully acknowledge them and comfort myself.


Ruth is amazing! And “a one off”.



“Ruth is an amazing lady, a dedicated professional who wants to see people get well”.   I am so glad I found her.

She fully understands chronic pelvic pain, and will set you up with a tailored program to put you on the road to recovery. Listen to her advise, do the exercises she tells you to do and you will get relief from this awful condition."


Graham, Hampshire

"I was being investigated by a Consultant Urological Surgeon as I had an enlarged prostate and was suffering from acute pelvic pain. He researched specialists on pelvic pain in my area and gave me the details for Ruth.


When I first visited Ruth I was experiencing severe pain in my perineum area, hips and lower back.  Ruth has helped to reduce these symptoms considerably over the course of treatment with her and has given me tools to combat any flare ups of pain that I may experience.


Although I manage pain quite well, before I met Ruth the constant pain was becoming depressing. I'm happy to say that my pain is 90% healed from when I first had treatment and I now know had to treat myself should I have any flare ups of pain in the future.


Ruth is very talented with her methodology and I hope that one day her way of treating pelvic pain becomes widely available throughout the UK."


Duncan, Hampshire

"I first met Ruth during a very dark time of my life during which I had been completely unable to sit down or lie on my back for six months. I had burning pains in my perineum, thighs, back and pubic bone and the feeling of a 'drilling' sensation in my pelvis whenever I passed urine and I couldn't wear trousers as the pressure of the material against my muscles would leave me in agony. I was desperate.


Previous to finding Ruth I had seen five other pelvic floor physiotherapists and had several nerve block injections into my pudendal nerves. Nothing had worked or improved the pain at all. When we met, Ruth gave me a full and comprehensive assessment. This was completely different to that of the previous professionals I had seen, which had all focused entirely on my pelvic floor. It transpired that the driving problem causing my pain was hyper-mobility of the joints in my back which had affected my pelvic floor and caused it to tighten. Armed with this knowledge, Ruth began to manipulate my spine and work on my pelvic floor in her clinic. She also taught me exercises to strengthen the muscles in my back and pelvic floor, whilst learning to release the problematic muscles at home. I can still remember the first time I knew the physiotherapy was working and that I was going to be able to sit down again. I am happy to say that I am so much better and can now sit for hours. The journey has been hard and I do have flare ups, but I can control them by doing my exercises and I know that eventually I'll be pain free. "


Katie, Worcestershire

"As a result of seven gynaecological and bowel operations, I was left with chronic pelvic floor pain. I avoided situations where I would have to stand still for more than a minute or two, knowing this would trigger the familiar dragging ache that would then last all day.

Gynaecologists I saw were unable to explain or help and I was passed to a pain clinic to learn how to manage my condition.

I arrived for my first appointment feeling very let down and with little faith that this would make any difference. How wrong I was.

While discussing possible options, I was given Dr Ruth Jones' name and was told she would be my best support and help. She has definitely proved to be this.


It was such a relief to speak to someone who acknowledged and recognised my symptoms and who could actually pinpoint where the pain was coming from.


Thanks to her wonderful techniques I no longer need Morphine patches. I am much more comfortable standing chatting with friends and I do not worry about the effects for the rest of the day from standing in a queue.

Thank you Ruth for all you have done to ease my discomfort and for your skill and understanding."



"Ruth was recommended to me by another physiotherapist and from the moment I met her I knew she would sort me out. I had been suffering from undiagnosed overactive pelvic pain, I had undergone a hysterectomy in an effort to improve my pain but it hadn’t worked. I had spent over a year having chiropractor treatment thinking my pain was related to my coccyx. Ruth took a full history and gave me confidence that she understood my symptoms and pain – she was the first to do this properly. I have been seeing Ruth for almost 5 months now and I am definitely well on the road to recovery. I trust her implicitly as a professional , and her manner is warm and empathetic. Her interest is purely to make people better and I think she is a very gifted clinician and an amazing person. Thank you Ruth."


Marcella, Winchester, Hampshire

"I've suffered with my lower back and hip flexor area for years. I've seen chiroprators, osteopaths and physios . I've also seen a back surgeon, had scans and steroid injections into the back joints. My regular physio attended a seminar of Ruth's and as Ruth was talking my issues jumped into her mind. As a result, I've seen Ruth about 6 times in the last 4 months and I have massively improved, (both mentally and physically). My symptoms ticked the boxes for over active core muscles so Ruth treats me and also teaches me to self treat, along with some daily exercises (5 of which are not negotiable - do them at least every day)!

I'm just off to kick a football with my 6 year old and my first thought ISN'T ' oh no what if my back goes'. Bending to clean my teeth is no longer a dread. I was able to do my first 10K competitive race in a few years and suffered no nasty after affects of walking like a duck for a week. Hope is there for the recovery to continue. Hurray!"


Chris, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

"Ruth helped me by helping me understand why I was in pain and what I could do to improve my condition. I had seen an osteopath, urologist and had an MRI scan with no diagnosis before I went to see Ruth. She was able to recreate my pain by pressing on certain muscles which helped identify what was causing this pain, and most importantly how to avoid the pain. With a series of exercises and treatment I was able to sit for longer periods of time (which was almost impossible before seeing Ruth) and now I am able to sit for long periods without having significant pain. Ruth is very enthusiastic and knowledgeable and I would wholeheartedly recommend her. She is very keen to help improve your situation with excellent knowledge and care and really has made my pain (and in turn my life) much better."



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